How to fry foods?

some of the tips during frying foods.
1, Weight: fried weight, about half of the surface area of the oil, if too much weight, the oil temperature will drop, extend the frying time, but could not fry crisp food finished.
2, Temperature: fish, chicken bones, the first application of low temperature (160 ℃) of oil to cook, then pick up using a colander, heat the oil to (180 ℃) and then fried again to make yellow paint, in addition to excess water, it can make food dry crisp.
Tips: Processing method repeated application oil.
Do you think it is waste to give up the fried oil? Actually short handle, the oil could be reused.
1. The residue can cause deterioration of the oil, remember to clean it using the filter pape while the oil is hot.
2. let the oil cool down sufficiently, after a good seal, placed in a dark place.

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