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Kubba Making Machine

Kubba making machine
Kubba making machine is a multi functional  encrusting machine with industrial configuration as Delta PLC controller, Emerson frequency converter, LG servo motor...  It is is a high versatile Encrusting Machine for producing confectionery, Kubba making, prepared foods and fermented dough production.
1. Maximum capacity for small products is 120 pieces per minute
The  has production speeds of up to 1.5 times faster than other competitor's model.
2. With thicken telfron coated food chanel coating, can prevent the food stick inside the food chanel, more effective and easy to clean.
3. Shape is more uniform for stick products
Since you can direct the detailed setting of the shutter from the control panel, you can make adjustment of the machine during production.  combain with Jinghua patented 9pcs circular forming knife. can assure the encrusted food with equal shape and weight.
4. Use 5pcs top brand fire frequency converter, to guarantee the kubba making machine stable working and more effective production.
5. All detect sensor are made in OMRON brand, The 0.1ms fast detect speed assure the high precision position.

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