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Automatic meat tenderizer machine

Automatic meat tenderizer machine

Meat tender applies the mechanical method to cut the meat gently with two groups of sharp multi-cutters sawteeth-like meanwhile damage the connective tissue,
tendons and ligaments, then makes the salt water immersed into the meat fiber, which can shorten the rolling processing time, perfect the structure of the meat.

Stainless steel made, creative design, reasonable structure, and reliable features.
1. The fast-combination design, easy to clean.
2. Easy handling, reliable quality.
3. Reliable protection device.
4. Access to flattening machine to realize the continuous production.

Speed of the belt 3-15m/min adjustable
Width of the belt 400600mm
Speed of the cutter-axes 119-59r/min
Space between the cutter-axes
5-30mm adjustable
The diameter of the knife
Power 1.1KW
Overall dimension 1700×640×1304mm

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Hot Sale Meat Tender Machine
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