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soya bean tofu machine

Electricity soya bean tofu machine

The soya bean tofo curd machine can produce high nutrition soymilk , soft tofu ,  old tofu , colorful tofu , paneer.
It is a best machine for hospital,school,hotel,retailer shop, tofu processing industry,etc.
The bean dregs can also be used for making pancakes ,  fertilizers for potted flowers ,feedstuff.

1. The tofo machine is automatic . Only need 1 person to operate it.
2.Boiling the soymilk uses high temperature fully sealing heating method ,
the soymilk temperature can be up to 100 °C.
3.When processing , no steam leakage and water spills. Hygienic operating environment.

4. The machine has thermometer to monitor the process of soymilk boiling.

5.Equipment is made of high quality stainless steel, small floor space, safe and simple.

6.Large output,high efficiency,low investment.

7.The soybean will be with full nutrition,good taste and fresh,no beany smell,smooth.

8.The grinding device, heating device is totally separate from tofu pressing device,so you can use the machine to produce soymilk only.

9. Instant selling after it is done.

Name Tofo Machine 40 Tofo machine 100
Power 0.75 kw 1.5kw
Voltage 380V 380V
Milk Capacity 100-130 kg per hour 300-400 kg per hour
Tofo Cpacity 30-40 kg per hour 60-70 kg per hour
Dimension 100*60*1300mm 1150*90*1300mm

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