Product Name:
Peanuts sheller peeling machine

Peanuts sheller peeling machine

Main characteristic
Low crushing peanuts, sorting clean, color well, less impurities.
Peanut shelling machine includes frame, fan, single-phase motor, screen mesh, materials hopper, vibrating screen, belt wheel and drive belt and other components.
After the normal operation of equipment, put the peanut into the hopper quantitative continuously, under repeated attack, friction, collision of the rotor, peanut shells broken.
Peanuts and peanut shells will be separated by size screen (the first peanut threshing with a large hole mesh), the light peanuts shell will be blow outside.


Capacity 400 kg per hour
Peeling 95%
Broken 5%
Cleaning rate 95.5%
Power 2.2kw 220V
Dimension 1200*660*1240mm
Weight 140 kg

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