Product Name:
Paste Grinder Machine

The Paste Grinder Machine

Paste grinder machine is made of stainless steel, half stainless steel colloid mill, the basic principle is relatively linked by a high speed between the fixed teeth and movable teeth. Colloid mill products in addition to motor and some parts, the material contact parts made of stainless steel with high intensity, in particular, the key dynamic and static disc intensive process and therefore has good corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance so that the processing of non-polluting materials hygiene purity.

Compact design, utility models, appearance, sealing a good, stable performance, easy operation, simple decoration, durable, adapt to a wide range, and high production efficiency, is the best treatment of fine material processing equipment

Applied range:
The machines could be used to produce Jam, peanuts butter, sesame butter and so on.

Machine specification

Model Fineness capacity Power Dimension
Ak50 2-50um 10-20 kg/h 1.1 kw 520×250×550mm
AK100 2-50um 100 kg/h 5.5kw 680×330×920mm
AK130 2-50um 200kg/h 11kw 970×450×1050mm
AK180 2-50um 300kg/h 22kw 1000×480×1100

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