Product Name:
Meat slicing machine-200

The Horizontal Meat Slicing Machine

Machine Specification
1.Accurate cutting thickness, thinnest up to 3mm, layers up to 5, multi-slice function, high efficient.
2.The meat thickness and butterfly meat could be adjusted by different blades, the blades holders are easy to change.
3.The machine adopts the floating Internet belt design, it suits for different thickness of the meat.
4. Multi-layer different thickness meats could be produced by this slicing machine.
5. Dual channel operation, high capacity, up to 120 pieces per min.
6. Quality module type mesh belt, long life guaranteed.
7.Siemens electricity parts, security guard device, accord with CE standard and HACCP standard.
8.Made in stainless steel and engineering plastic, easy to clean.
9.Easy operation and low maintenance cost.


Accurate cutting thickness
Minimize labor cost.
Work with strip meat cutting machine, the line could produce consistent strip meat products.
Work with Intelligent cutting machine, the line could produce consistent weight meat products.

Machine ferature

Model 200
Belt width 200mm
Cutting thickness 4~50mm
Production capacity 120pcs/min
Power 2.8kW
Overall dimension 2600x1152x1410mm
Weight 280kg

Machine Pictures

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