Product Name:
Meat strip machine-200

The Horizontal Meat Strip Machine

Machine Specification
1.High cutting precision with minimum width 4mm,high efficiency guaranteed by multi blade cutting. Also capable of different thickness cutting combined in single cutting.
2. Cutting width is adjusted by changing blade carrier or blade sleeve.
3. Floating unloading systemto prevent meat from sticking on blade.
4. Conveying speed can reach to 18m/min, high production capacity guaranteed.
5.Detachable blade carrier, input belt and output belt, easy to clean.
6.Mist spraying designsmoothing the cut.
7.Adopt quality module belt with long life.
8.Adopt SIMENS part with safety service, CE approved.
9.Adopt SS and engineering plastic, easy to clean and meet HACCP.
10.Easy operation and lower maintenance.

Two this strip cutter machine could produce the meat cubes.


Accurate cutting thickness
Minimize labor cost.
Work with strip meat cutting machine, the line could produce consistent strip meat products.
Work with Intelligent cutting machine, the line could produce consistent weight meat products.

Machine ferature

Model 500
Belt width 500mm
Cutting thickness 4~50mm
Production capacity 150pcs/min
Power 1.9kW
Overall dimension 2000x900x1600mm
Weight 280kg

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Meat slicing machine-200
Meat slicing machine-200
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