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Production Technology of Corn Series Puff Food.

Production Technology of Corn Series Puff Food.
Corn puffed snacks cake are made of corn as the main raw material, which is puffed and mixed with sugar, sugar and sesame. Its color is beige, taste sweet and delicious, crisp and pleasant, nutritious, easy to digest, is suitable for all ages of health food.
1. Technological process.
Material selection de burring soaking crushing puffing boiling sugar hanging pulp mould packaging finished products.
2. Operating Points
(l) Material selection.
Red maize, yellow maize or white maize with full grains, mildew-free and insect-free were selected.
(2) De cluttering.
Screening is used to remove impurities such as gravel and gravel from maize.
(3) Soaking.
Soak corn in water for 20 to 40 minutes, shorter in summer and longer in winter. The corn epidermis is absorbed and expanded to produce elasticity for peeling and granulation.
(4) Crushing.
The soaked corn filters out the floating water and spreads it on a clean mat, then dries it slightly. It then crushes into particles 3 mm in diameter.
(5) Expansion.
The crushed corn granules were removed from the peel and put into the expander. The corn granules were expanded into long strips with a diameter of 6 mm and a length of 40 mm.
(6) Boil sugar.
Add appropriate amount of water to the granulated sugar and sugar dilute, compose the sugar liquid and put it into the boiling sugar pot. Hold the heat and boil the sugar until the silk is drawn. Pour the washed anddried sesame seeds into the boiling pot. After a little stirring, immediatelycome out of the pot. When boiling sugar, we should pay attention to the tenderness of syrup to prevent sticking teeth.
(7) Pulping.
The boiled sesame syrup is poured into the extruded corn strips and mixed evenly. It is spread out in the wooden frame on the board to make it uniform in thickness. The sesame syrup is beaten back and forth with a wooden hammer to compact and flatten.
(8) Forming.
The corn puffed cake is taken out of the wooden frame and cut into small pieces of 20 x 80 mm. The finished product is packaged.

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