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Honey joys patty snacks machine line

    Function: corn flake, breakfast cereal, flakes,honey joys patty snacks.
    Capacity:120-150kg/hour, 200-250kg/hour, 500-600kg/hour.
    Size: customrized
    Pellet shape: flake,cereals.
    Model: AVN65, AVN70, AVN85,.
    Category: corn flake macine, breakfast cereal machine line, flakes,honey joys patty snacks plant.
    Price: USD9000 to USD35000 PER SET.
    Supply Ability: 25 SETS PER MONTHLY
    Payment Method: T/T,L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal.

Honey joys patty snacks machine line. Breakfast cereal production line. Corn flake making machine.

Corn flakes are a new type of fast food that is long-lasting and easy to carry. It can be eaten directly or processed into other foods. It can be mixed with cold milk and yoghurt as breakfast.

It is very famous as honey joys patty snacks in Autralia.

breakfast cereal 1.jpg flake.JPG

1. How to produce the honey joys patty snacks, corn flakes, breakfast cereals.

a. Mixing. Corn powder and other materials mix with water.

b. Pellet making . Add the materials into double screw extruder machine. Make the half cooked balls.

c. Flake making. The pellet ball is pressed into flake.

d. Drying.

e. Baking. The flake is baked to full cooked.

f. Sugar spraying.

g. Drying.

corn flake machine line.jpg

1.Mixer machine 2. Conveyor machine 3. Extruder machine 4. vibrate conveyor 5. Air conveyor 6. Drum dryer machine 7. Air conveyor

8. Press machine 9. Air conveyor 10.Dryer machine 11. Conveyor machine 12. Vibrate conveyor 13. Baking machine 14. Sugar sprayer

15. Dryer machine 16. Cooling conveyor 17. Packing machine

2. Capacity of the double screw extruder machine.

AVN65 corn flake machine line has capacity 120 kg per hour.

AVN70 corn flake machine line has capacity 200 kg per hour.

AVN85 corn flake machine line has capacity 400 kg per hour.

corn flake line.jpgbreakfast cereal.jpg

breakfast cereals 1.jpg

65 extruder.jpg

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