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Automatic corn wheat bugles snacks machine

    Function: bugles snacks, chips, wheat snacks, bugles bar, 3d snacks, fried snacks.
    Capacity:120-150kg/hour, 200-250kg/hour, 500-600kg/hour.
    Size: customrized
    Pellet shape: triangle, round,sheet, bar.
    Model: AVN65, AVN70, AVN85,.
    Category: bugles snacks machine, wheat snacks machine, 3d snacks machine,fried snacks machine.
    Price: USD9000 to USD35000 PER SET.
    Supply Ability: 25 SETS PER MONTHLY
    Payment Method: T/T,L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal.

Bugles snacks machine double screw extruder

Bugles puff snacks are popular in the market. The snacks is diversified in appearance, strong in three-dimensional sense, delicate in texture and crisp in taste. So it is appreciated by people. It is well know as 3D shape.

chips (2).jpg chips (1).jpg

1. The Raw materials on bugles snacks are mainly potatoes and grains.

The Potatoes bugles snacks are half puffed. After fried, it will get expand big. Which is popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and so on.

Here we are make introduce the puff grain bugles. Before frying, this products are two sheet pressed into one. After fried, snacks gets 3D shape.

Formula is wheat flour, corn flour, starch, water and so on. Mainly materials are wheat flour.

2. The snacks shape could be triangle, fish, star, and so on, also the bar.

The double screw extruder could change the moulds to make different shape snacks. And the presser machine could make them two-in- one.

triangle bugles roller.jpg 11.png

3. The flow chart of bugles snacks machine.

bugles snacks machine line.jpg

A. Mixer machine.  B. Materials conveyor machine.  C. Extruder machine. D. Shape presser cutter machine. E. Conveyor. F. Fryer machine. G. Flavoring machine. H. Packing machine.

The mixer machine could make all materials together. And also add water into materials.

Double screw extruder machine is the mainly snacks producing part. Different moulds would be used on different shape bugles snacks.

Shape cutter machine could make the double layer snacks, and produce the animal shape snacks like triangle, fish and so on.

Fryer machine is important. Normally snacks will be fried 30 seconds. We have continous fryer machine and batch type automatic fryer machine.

Fryer machine energy could be gas, electricity, diesel, steam and so on.

continuous dryer machine.jpg batch fryer .JPG

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4. The capacity of snacks machine.

AVN65 double screw extruder machine has capacity 120 kg per hour.

AVN70 double screw extruder machine has capacity 200 kg per hour.

The snacks extruder machine and fryer machines are different in these two lines.

bugles chips.jpgbugles.jpg

2 (4).jpg flavoring machine.jpg

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